A collection of random drivel posted by various members of the class of 1959, john muir high school, pasadena, california, in preparation for, and in advance of, the next reunion, #55, scheduled for sometime in 2014...

Monday, March 28, 2005


garywayne and maryjane

Greetings Classmates! Mary and I have agreed to co-chair a Reunion for the Muir Class of 1959. This is tentatively planned for about OCT 2006 so you don't have to buy a new outfit yet. Maybe we can make it shorts and Hawaiian shirts and goof-boots. Don't think I will pass that by Mary though. Be thinking of any clues you have on locating classmates. We will join that so we can e-mail y'all (Texas leftover). Better start resting up for Reunion 2006 and even that will be leading up to #50 (whenever that is; I can't count that high).
Gary and Mary Smith
4623 Grand Ave.
La Canada, CA 91011
(818) 790-1959

Sunday, March 27, 2005


john muir high school, pasadena, california

......Class of 1959......